Create New Pathways to Success

Waterloo Region is one of Canada’s most desirable communities. It’s also one of Canada’s largest centres for immigration, welcoming newcomers from around the world to contribute to the cultural mosaic that helps define our unique brand.

Providing access to programs and services that break down traditional barriers to success for new Canadians and other underrepresented groups has long been core to Conestoga’s vision for excellence in polytechnic education.

Creating New Opportunities

By 2031, it is expected that immigrants will make up more than 30 per cent of the community’s total population.

The Access Hub will improve the employment potential of immigrants and new Canadians, who are often disadvantaged in terms of employment and income opportunities.


  • Help individuals from across our community achieve potential and build a brighter future for themselves and their families
  • Provide language training and cultural supports to help new Canadians transition successfully and integrate into our region
  • Develop new talent to serve local workforce needs and support the continued economic strength and competitiveness of our growing community

Addressing today’s needs

  • Deliver centralized services to support student success and retention
  • Create clear pathways between programs, services and successful employment to support workforce development
  • Provide access to accelerated, modular and affordable full and part-time programming to address specific skills development needs
  • Increase participation in upgrading and transitional programming that leads to career success for disadvantaged and underrepresented groups in our community

Please join us by supporting the Transforming Together campaign to help build a prosperous and sustainable future for our community.